Armen Living

About the company

Over the last 30 years, Armen Living has established itself as a legacy furniture manufacturer and brand that has developed relationships with many of the leading e-commerce and top 100 retailers over the years. As the torch was being passed from father to son, it created a perfect time to revitalize the Armen Living perception as they ushered in a new generation and era of furniture buyers.

What we did

  • Brand & Website Redesign
  • Product Consultation
  • Marketing Campaign & PR

How we did it

In order to update Amen Living’s perception, our team worked with the key stakeholders to create a modern and more direct name with a stylized word mark and icon, Armen Living. We then began to design and develop a fully-responsive website, which at the time was one of the first in the industry. With a keen eye for style and design and a thorough understanding of market trends and buyer behavior, our team helped consult Armen Living on their product development, creating some of their best selling products to this day. To complete the launch, our team engaged in a 12-month integrated marketing and P/R campaign that helped to build consumer awareness and drive traffic to their retail partners websites.