About the company

Bestsign International is a global logistics and supply chain company that is dedicated to providing innovative solutions to the furniture industry. BSI also has a product design and development arm that enables them to offer a 360 degree solution for the top 100 furniture retailers. As an industry leader it was important for BSI to have brand perception that goes beyond furniture and positions them less as a boring logistics company but as a company and a brand with a vision for the future.

What we did

  • Brand Redesign
  • Company Presentation
  • Integrated Trade Campaign

How we did it

The rebrand process began with an in-depth analysis of BSI’s business model and current marketing / brand assets. Once complete, our creative team delved into the creation of BSI’s new identity, which included naming, logo design and tagline development. BSI then looked to us to update a key sales tool: their company presentation, which detailed their business model, mission, vision and capabilities in a modern and visually stimulating way. BSI was then ready to announce the new brand along with new product solutions at the July ’18 Vegas Market with an integrated campaign that leveraged showroom signage, video production and print and digital adverts.