About the company

Seldens is a family-owned furniture retailer located in the Pacific Northwest. With over a 150 designer home furnishing brands and manufacturers to choose from, Seldens is one of the largest sellers of quality living room, dining room, bedroom, home office, and home entertainment collections in the region. Having experienced many years of success and growth, Seldens had began to hit a ceiling in 2012 and were searching for answers and guidance. After a brief call and an in-person meeting, the partnership was set-in-motion.

What we did

  • Brand & Website Redesign
  • Product Consultation
  • Geo-Targeted Ad Campaigns
  • Showroom Experience

How we did it

The revitalization process began with a complete rebrand, which included an updated brand strategy, logo and tagline design, responsive e-commerce, product consultation, and geo-targeted online and print campaigns. Successful repositioning Seldens from a perception of out of touch and overpriced to a brand that appeals to and is more obtainable to the modern consumer. Seldens has now expanded its footprint, opening a new location and continues to be one of the largest furniture retailers in the Pacific Northwest.

We are a fourth generation company that was quickly becoming old and losing relevance. Through Furniture Branding’s research on our current clients and potential clients we were able to get extremely focused on who we are and what we do best. The re-brand process defined us as the leading designer home furnishings store in our market. Jason and his team provided us with a lot of value but they also forced us to think outside the box and pushed us to step up our game. The result was a slingshot effect for our sales and was the foundation to take us to the next level. - Jake Cross, 4th Generation Selden, General Manager